Ladies, Attract Your Mate
Your mentorship for A New Way to Date
Clarify Your Ideal Partner
& discover the subconscious blocks in dating. 
Expand your confidence
& build belief that your dream partner is possible
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Currently only 3 open slots
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Receive videos to boost your self-confidence & proven tips to attract your mate
Topics like:
Should I try online dating?
How can I love myself more?
Why do I keep attracting the same type of person?
Hello Goddess, welcome to a New Way to Attract Your Dream Partner
Clarify Your Ideal Partner
Most women have a vague idea of their ideal partner, so they attract people that only fit a few of their ideal qualities, and they often settle.
You will get super clear on your TRUE desires for a partner.
Shift Your Dating Habits
Do you feel like the same dating situation keeps happening over and over again? You can't seem to break the pattern and you don't know why it's happening. 
You will discover those patterns & create habits that attract your mate.
Self-confidence & self-love
Most women don't realize that they are attracting the wrong partners because they have not grown their self-confidence. And they subsconsciously block their ideal partner because they feel they are unworthy of that partner.
You will build the self-confidence to attract your mate.
Never ever settle again
Women will often settle for a partner that is "close" to what they desire because they don't know the signs of when to keep going or when to end that dating period. 
You will discover how to know when they are someone to continue dating and when it would be settling.
CEO in Food Industry

Jocelyn has been a huge contribution to my personal growth regarding the Love & romance my soul was destined for. 
For a few years now I've gone back and forth on whether or not 'my man' exists or if partnership is really for me. Jocelyn has stood as a constant reminder of the truth--for what I deserve, what Spirit has in store for me, and to OWN my desire. She reminded me that if the desire is within me, This mentorship truly shifted my mindset & belief system of the creative power of thriving partnerships.

Author & Life Coach

Jocelyn helped me learn what I really wanted in a relationship. After several failed relationships and a divorce, I felt confused about how to love again. She helped me recognize that we all want different things and there are men in this world who will love me for who I am and for what I want. What I value and how to be more ME quickly became so much clearer. Within two weeks of our first discussion, I attracted exactly what I wanted. Most imporantly, I am loving myself and living the life of my dreams.

Your Mentorship Options
Goddess Retreat
& Mentorship
  • Imagine a weekend Goddess Retreat being customized just for YOU
  • -Take a weekend for YOURSELF, and feel like a goddess. This is a luxurious weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona with Jocelyn  & other goddess experts brought in for you. This is including flights, resort stay , spa and dinners, and goddess experiences planned for you.
  • -Full day of one on one mentorship and exercises to RESET, CLARIFY & FEEL new energy around yourself and dating.  
  • -In person reset and growth exercises to strengthen all areas of life. Including work with tantra experts, soul energy work, cacao ceremonies, and more.
  • PLUS:
  • -Everything in the Attract Your Mate 8 Session Mentorship
    A proven program to shift your beliefs and energy around dating, self-love and more.
Attract Your Mate Individual Mentorship
  • 8 VIRTUAL sessions: research proven curriculum to expand your self-love & attract your mate
  • -Delivery of the #1 dating assessment tool to clarify your desires in a partner and patterns in dating
  • -One-on-one mentorship with Jocelyn Freeman
  • -Weekly topics covering:  
    -Beliefs around dating
    -Your True desires in a partner
    -Your patters and subconsious blocks in a partnership
    -The habits that attract a mate
    -Setting up your environment for a partner to arrive
    -Self-confidence and self-love
    -And more
  • -Unlimited email coaching
  • -Weekly exercises to build your confidence and attract your mate 
  • -BONUSES: A copy of our book, The New Power Couple. AND, access to our Private Members-Only Facebook group.

Receive email mentorship videos 
Questions like: How to expand your self-love; Should you try online dating; Questions to ask on a date to dive deeper & much more.
Meet your facilitator:
Jocelyn Freeman is the co-author of The New Power Couple, a speaker, marriage mentor and social entrepreneur with her husband, Aaron. They have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, were nominated as Arizona's 40 Under 40 Influencers, and have been featured in national media for mentoring couples on ‘Empowered Partnership’ and thriving physically, financially & spiritually. They host one of the top relationship podcasts on iTunes and lead two thriving companies. Jocelyn is passionate about mentoring women in Attracting Your Mate so they approach dating from a new place, they never settle and they are completely fulfilled as individuals and in their partnership.